Promote Your Event

Hosting a successful on-campus physical can be easy!

To better promote your event, posters, handouts and postcards are available for download below.

Print out your selection (all are saved as PDFs), add the date, time and price and post all over campus!

Posters/Flyers Postcards (four/sheet)
8.5×11 (color / B&W) 8.5×11 (color)
Legal (color / B&W) 8.5×11 (B&W)


Want to promote your event online? Use our custom ad for a professional look.

Our ad (pictured here at 50 percent of actual size) is optimized for the web, making your job easy.

The ad fits horizontally in a standard medium rectangle ad space (300 x 250 pixels/saved as html).

To place the ad on your site, use the following embed code:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”>
<table width=”300″ height=”250″ border=”0″ cellpadding=”0″ bordercolor=”#ffffff” background=””><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></table></a>


Send a mass email to parents and students! For customizable text, click here. Cut and paste the text into an email or other document. Also, don’t forget to add the event to your school marquee or consider marketing using an automated phone call.

Putting the forms in your student-athletes’ hands can streamline the process. We archive forms from all over the San Diego Section. Is your school’s form missing? Send your link to PSP.

San Diego Unified School District

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